Legal company «Solomon-Lex» would like to propose you the wide choice of the high quality legal services directed on the protection of your interests and rights.

It is hard to imagine the modern community without clear rules of its existence. Thus the situation on the legal field is very dynamic. It is rather hard to understand the cobwebs of legislation, besides it is necessary to follow the changes in legislation base.

Legal consulting is an essential part of modern business. For safe conducting of business it is necessary to keep an eye on changes in legislation base that is in power only of professional lawyers who have constant practice, sharp technology and ties, and constantly raise their qualification.

Certain kinds of business need to get the licenses, permissions, certificates, without it the business becomes paralysed, and in such case the professional lawyer will help not to waste your time and money.

Contracts and agreements take central place in regulation of economic and public relations. Only professional can conclude the contract correctly, taking into account all the details of client’s business, using models and longstanding experience. Drawing up the contract, its expertise and legal assistance of deal are the things with which good lawyers should work to protect the interests of your business.

It is well-known that your rights should be protected and sometimes you need to protect them at court. Conduct of claim-lawsuit, representing in local court or court of arbitration is in force of practicing lawyers only, who can build non-standard scheme of conducting the case and to do all the best for the effective defence of his client.

Do you have the problems with stockholders? Do you want to issue shares and debentures? Does your leaseholder refuse to keep to contract relations? What is the right way of entering into relations with foreign partner? We can render assistance in all these questions and we can do it quickly, professionally, taking into account all details and guaranteeing total confidentiality.